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Bubble Grape E-liquid

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Nicotine Strength

Fruity but calming, it’s the Bubble Grape E-liquid by One Pound Juice.

The Bubble Grape E-liquid by One Pound Juice is really focused on one thing only: your relaxation. This is a vape for the downtimes, the chilling with mates, or the time to take a break from the world. It’s about forgetting your worries on a fruity raft down a river of grape and sweet bubble gum. It’s about dangling your hand in the cooling waters and remembering that you belong to the earth. It’s exotic it’s stress relieving, and it’s undoubtedly ‘zen’. Don’t let the cares get to you, instead fill your vape kit with Bubble Grape E-liquid by One Pound Juice, and realise that you’ve Got This.