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UK Cig E-liquid

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Nicotine Strength

Old School Smokers and Noobies unite over the UK Cig E-liquid by One Pound Juice.

We don’t want to call you Retro, but let’s face it, some of us are. Sometimes we just need something unashamedly classic, with no frills. And that’s what you get with the UK Cig E-liquid by One Pound Juice. It’s a 50% VG base so the nicotine hit is good, and this has got the flavours to match without the acrid burn of a traditional cig. Expect a golden throat hit that’s distinctly grown-up. We’re all used to our favourite genres in our vape kits, and tobacco is simply one of them. If you love fruit but not all the time, you enjoy desserts but only on weekends, and menthol is just a bit too much ‘verve’ then straight-forward UK Cig E-liquid by One Pound Juice should be just right.