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Grape E-liquid

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Nicotine Strength

Don’t underestimate this little guy. The Grape E-liquid by One Pound Juice will find his way in to your ADV portfolio!

Ok, so us Brits don’t quite rock the ‘grape thing’ like our American pals. We don’t flavour anything and everything with grape like they do, we tend to favour the humble blackcurrant which they had an argument with – seriously. But the Grape E-liquid by One Pound Juice has got it spot on and might just convert us. See, there’s not just one generic grape flavouring going on here. You’ve got a veritable trio of Red, Ruby and Concord who might sound like Superwoman’s arch rivals, but frankly are just good gals ready to give you a fragrant good time. So give this grape baby a go and try the Grape E-liquid by One Pound Juice.

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