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Ice Mint E-liquid 50ml

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Nicotine Strength

Keep yourself cool all year round with Ice Mint 50ml E-liquid by One Pound Juice. All you will taste is an ice-cold blast of mint with this vape juice.

Lets face it, not everyone enjoys the funky vape juice flavours currently on the market. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce Ice Mint 50ml E-liquid by One Pound Juice.

Ice Mint 50ml E-liquid by One Pound Juice does exactly what it says on the bottle. All the mint you could image in a vape bottle for £1 is what you will get.

Ice Mint vape juice arrives in a 60ml short fill bottle filled with 50ml ejuice containing 0mg nicotine. This leaves enough space for a 18mg nicotine shot, giving you 60ml of 3mg Ice Mint E-liquid. You can purchase your nicotine shot for only £1.

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