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Menthol E-liquid

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Nicotine Strength

Jack Frost shift your booty, Menthol E-liquid by One Pound Juice deserves prime spot.

With a 50% VG the One Pound Juice range takes throat hit to a whole new level. You’re going to be responsible for local low-level fog here with the Menthol E-liquid by One Pound Juice. But it’s worth it. Menthol enthusiasts grab hold because you’re going to love this one. We’re not just talking a throat hit to chase, but an invigorating brain-clear that will focus the senses and turn your attention. Palate-cleanser this is, but it’s so much more. It’s mildly sweet, but that’s the only thing mild we can say about the Menthol E-liquid by One Pound Juice. Game on.

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