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Menthol E-liquid 50ml

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Nicotine Strength

For those worried about the menthol cigarette ban, look no further than Menthol 50ml E-liquid by One Pound Juice.

For those individuals that prefer their vape juice to taste like the real thing, Menthol 50ml E-liquid by One Pound Juice is definitely one to consider.

Not only does Menthol 50ml vape juice by One Pound Juice, taste like the now banned cigarettes, it costs a lot less too. It is most definitely a win win!

Menthol vape juice arrives in a 60ml short fill bottle filled with 50ml ejuice containing 0mg nicotine. This leaves enough space for a 18mg nicotine shot, giving you 60ml of 3mg Menthol E-liquid. You can purchase your nicotine shot for only £1.