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Vanilla E-liquid

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Nicotine Strength

Be prepared for decadence with the Vanilla E-liquid by One Pound Juice.

Don’t just think you’re going to amble on by and get a sweet puff vanilla with the Vanilla E-liquid by One Pound Juice This vape is anything but run of the mill. It’s like sitting on a giant silky scarf and being tossed and turned with an errant vanilla. This vape juice is a lady that knows how to get under your skin and do it in an elaborately decadent way. Nonetheless we love it: it’s got everything you need when you need a little complexity from your vape juice whilst also serving you up a home cooked meal at the end of the day. It’s about relaxation and passion, with a perfect nicotine balance and little bit of sass. Wine and dine the Vanilla E-liquid by One Pound Juice for yourself and see what we mean.